2020 in a pandemic nutshell

I seriously didn’t expect 2020 to start like that 🙂

Much to most of our surprise, an uninvited guest (covid-19) ahem… decided that it would be the perfect time to take months away from us.

For many of my school going friends, they are probably enjoying home-based learning and making dalgona coffee. However, I on the other hand, still work which is contrary to most common civilian beliefs. I can’t actually understand what I just wrote but oh well-


My work is connected to essential services as we sell a variety of necessary products. During this period especially, we constantly get orders from both local and overseas customers. That means plenty of admin work. I hope this addresses the rumor going around that I actually do nothing and stay at home all day 🙂 That hurt me a little guys, that hurt me a little.



Since people are more free, they tend to become bored and text me. Just so you know, I’m not purposely ignoring your texts, I just don’t have time to read them. Despite all that, we still cut down our office hours in order to fit into the regulations. Wait a little – I’ll reply soon.


I get slightly lonely at times tho (dm me?)

My dance and guitar classes are on hold at the moment, what a bummer. Meanwhile, I’ll stay home and work on the million things I never get to do.


You guys stay home, stay safe and take care of your self please~

We’ll go through this together! Don’t give up and if you are fighting for your loved ones or yourself, I hope that you’ll all get better soon. I’m here; you’re not alone in the battle, yeah? FIGHTING!!


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